On the surface, Walmart has always been on the side of consumers as well as the environment, but just underneath, the retail giant only has one objective in mind – higher profits. Now that Walmart has announced its ‘going green’ initiative, critics have become even more critical about corporate tax cuts and back room deals with the government. Over the next few years, Walmart will be installing solar panels on the roofs of its stores and distribution centers in an effort to save energy as well as money. Even though the company has every right to cut costs, it is expected to cost tax payers billions of dollars.

Every company in the US that agrees to install energy efficient appliances, solar panels or practices energy conservation is able to qualify for huge tax breaks. The government will find a way to recoup these costs by taking the bill onto next year’s budget. As Walmart is one of the largest corporate run retailers in the world, financial analysts believe that the ‘going green’ initiative will have a negative impact on the general public in the long run.

The fact is that millions of American visit Walmart stores everyday. The great deals that they were used to finding are slowly disappearing. Walmart has slowly replaced all of the smaller convenience, hardware, retailer and grocery stores in neighborhoods all over the US. Shoppers are almost totally dependent on Walmart, and someday soon they will feel the full extent of the control that this corporate giant has over their lives.

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